How will you contribute?


It was a wonderful fresh morning and I was sitting on my desk to plan out some schedules for next coming week.While I was busy with my stuffs and suddenly someone knocked the door.Two young laddies were there. I went to the door and they greet me good morning with smile.I wished the same to her and ask , “Yes, What can I do for you?”

One of the lady said she would not take much of the time and I nodded in positive answer. Then she introduced herself and her friend also that they are from some government organization and they are actually collecting views from people about current affairs happening world wide like economical changes, environmental changes, how people are chasing behind the money, human exploitation, etc. And she immediately asked me one simple question, “As a parent, what do you think? what should you give to your next generation? Is it enough that by having money this would no longer be important?”

I Simply replied that as we all know without money you can not survive but this is also a fact that ‘Money is not everything!’ apart from money so many things are there that we can give to them.We as parents can make them good and responsible citizen.By paying fees and sending them to school is not only our duty. It is also our equal responsibility to contribute something from our side to the society.

She asked some more questions regarding the existence of the God and I was about to ask why this question and immediately she said that we got reviews from so many people that why all these happening? Does the God exist? Does he wish about whatever is happening around the world? Does he really watch over each of us? Does he interested what each of us is doing? does he understand all of us? does he really reach to everyone of us? who made the God? and so many questions.

My answer was simple that it is really a matter of trust you have towards the God.I do believe in the God and yes I do feel he watches over us.And after all it is all about ‘Karma’.

Here we ended our conversation and she handed over me two brochures.

  1. Is God Interested in you?
  2. How can people make peace?

I am looking forward some good and moral stories within that.It was great meeting to them.And I was feeling happy that in this hectic life schedules where people hardly get time to think on certain areas which actually matters a lot. But some of them are trying to think the world as one family.


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