Being rich is being successful?


Well, the definition of success varies from person to person.Is it necessary that if you are rich then only you will get an importance or respect from the society?As we all have made our assumption or we have made certain kind of frame in our mind.Yes, it is also true that money is required to survive your daily needs.Without money, you can not fulfill your needs or other necessity too.

We are living in a materialistic world where everything we need is dependent on money only.If there is no money, there is no scope to sustain in the materialistic world.Need starts from when we wake up in the morning, starting from the toothbrush in our hand till we go to bed, whatever in between we need, is only we have because of money.What can’t we have if you have money with you even you can buy beauty.We have so many example of our Bollywood industry that so many actresses went through surgery to look better and to get more success!!Think once if they didn’t have money would they be at the top? Of course not right?

We do have some examples from our society where they get more respect than a person who is from a middle-class family. Our society made a kind of so-called thumb rule like rich person have all the right to live in whatever way they like but if the same thing is other person have done people get ‘Masala’ for the chitchat.!! Is this what we allow to them. We need to break this frame and need to come out of this.

There are so many families in our society where if his/her child is earning good then there is no rule for them. More importance is given to them and special care is taken.They do not even think of sometimes their child is getting money through the wrong way.Without getting worried about how their life they are leading they only care about money only! And gradually it becomes their necessity to maintain their status.

In Indian society, a girl is called successful if she gets a good husband and family. Even if a girl is not beautiful but her parents are a millionaire, she will find a guy for marriage easily. How surprising it is!

What my view is, we do need money but ‘Money is not everything’ or ‘You are not because of Money only’. Success should not be measured by money it should be measured by how do you manage your time from your busy schedule for your family.How many person are happy because of you?how much you are happy with yourself? This is your success.

“Success is not measured by money or power or social rank. It is measured by your decline and inner peace.”

What are your thoughts?


5 thoughts on “Being rich is being successful?

  1. I liked this.. In my childhood days, I believed, it is the kindness which is precious than any money in the world. But with time, I realized that money also plays a big rule, many not be upto the role played by kindness.
    Don’t think like I have become a cruel person now. lol..

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    1. Yes, agreed! I believe that if you are a kind person only then it does not mean at all that you can survive without money! Money is important too! But what wins in the end? Your priceless kindness, wisdom, love! If you have these all then you can survive with little amount and even if you are rich person, in the end you gonna wait for some one to pamper you!


  2. shikha

    I agree that money plays a vital role yes but yes exceptional personalities donot need this to get their respect somtimes what you are as a person will get respect for you thats not what I feel that what I am sure about.


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