Keep alive the child inside you!


It was wonderful morning today. I was standing in a balcony and was having my tea. I was enjoying the fresh air and birds were flying here and there. After so many days, we can see sunny weather so was quite happy as it became so troublesome that we can’t hang clothes to dry outside 😛 I m becoming selfish for my work to done but actually I like rainy days more than any other seasons 🙂

So I was just thinking about my day to day routine and suddenly what I was seeing, there are kids playing in the garden with full of joy they can. I became so happy that memory of my childhood just flashes back and I was smiling like how I was crazy about swinging, sliding, I like bubbles these days too 😀 😛 If any time till this date whenever I visit gardens I can not resist myself to have a ride of swing. 😛


Now, actually my point is to share this with you is only that can we remember where were those days gone? Today we people are so busy that even we do not have time for us to enjoy these small moments of life. We are just running after the things. But actually we even do not know that what is our desire? We are running towards the things to achieve not to enjoy it! Do we remember that when was the last time you smiled like anything? This is all because we forget to stay happy or I can say we have accepted that whatever we want, we have to make the compromise with our happiness so truly we’re not making any extra efforts to get happiness. Just doing the things like routine work! Is this only that we have dreamed?

And truly speaking, to be happy we need not to go anywhere as it is within you, it is within us only. Yes, it is inside us only. We need to awake the child inside us who want to come outside. Each and everybody always wants that if they can get their childhood back. Why is it so? May we have forgotten that how to be happy with small things and events around us? Maybe we just want run and run and run and want to achieve milestones to just finish whatever we have framed in out mind?

Why the children are so happy with what they do? They have the best quality forgive and forget. They surely forget to whom  they quarrelled a minute ago! And as an adult we keep in mind to throw it back! So just bring in child inside you. Do the things which make you happy and help you to forget the things which you might wanted to put it in the different section of your mind. Here I can list down some keys to be happy or bring the happiness 🙂

  • Watch your favourite cartoon sequel
  • Call your old friends
  • Sing songs
  • Dance like anything
  • Eat your favourite dish
  • Stay curious
  • Forget and forgive

Here it makes me remember my favourite quote and I would like to post it too.

“Happy are they who still love something they loved in the nursery;They have not been broken in two by time; they are not two persons, but one, and they have saved not only their souls but their lives.”


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