Only Mother’s eye can capture you among the crowd!

Yesterday, I was making dinner. My in laws used to go for evening walk and visit the temple near the house. And my husband came from office but yesterday he came early so he came so once I saw him so early in the evening at home, I was so surprised and became so happy that I was feeling like got a big surprise! 😀

And suddenly within a minute of time we decided to go to parents where they usually go nearby home. I paused my cooking and and took a keys of our vehicle and locked the house. Along the way our eyes were only looking for our parents here and there.

And surprising part was we went along the the road till the end and we couldn’t find them 😛 And after reaching at the end of that road, we tried to call them but unluckily the network was down and we couldn’t even contact to them 😦 While returning back to the home we still had a hope that some where Ma Papa should be here only. And now the interesting part starts….

My father in law raise his hand near divider as they were at the different end of the road where we had already passed so if he didn’t came near divider we might not be able to notice them. And finally we went to them and told the whole story and we both came to know that while we were looking for them here and there my mother in law’s eyes had already captured us 😀 😛 and we all laughed a lot 🙂 We sat there on the bench for a while and ate ‘Panipuri’ 😛 We all enjoyed a lot and came back to home after an hour. And latter all paused work given resume command 😀

This is really too small event happened to us and it happens to all of us but how we took it that is an important part of the life. Surely, if we have not gone to meet the parents they gonna be there at home after an hour only. But what matters is the happiness came on all faces.

Share me your small moment of happiness. Would like to read about yours too. 🙂

Have a nice day.


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