You Should Read a Book More Often!

Keep reading and keep inspiring the people arround you.Enjoy and feel the smell of each page of the book. #keepreading #booksarebestfriend 🙂

Uma Devu

I was always the one who read very rare or may be never, until I was left in a hostel room all alone by myself to feel desperately lonely. It was then my brother who used to ring me often and reminded me that ‘you are in a phase of changes, learn to observe and absorb it rather than compelling yourself to adjust.’ He has always been an inspiration.

One day, in our talk—very uncommon—came a topic of books. He was reading something those days that were about a mythology called ‘Immortals of Meluha’. He became so excited telling how the story goes and why is it so much influential. May be he was slowly persuading me to turn to books. Anyways I did.

I went on to the streets hunting for the book. It was a trilogy and two of them were already in the market. I chose to…

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