Free wifi service in cab!

Yes, you read it correct! Ola and Uber both announced that they will be providing free in-car wifi service to their passengers.😱 Now people need not to worry if they do not have data plan.;) As it happens many times when you book a cab and after sitting in a cab, suddenly driver will ask you if you are aware of route.! My gosh!:roll: And even I am witness of this too. It is okay if you or driver do not know route but it is ridiculous when driver him self asks for data plan if we have? Why the hell they do not use thiers? And after asking them why they do not have internet connection to their device, they polietly says comapny does not offer them data plan!😵 And if this really true then how the company will afford to provide this service for so many people!😷

But anyways let us hope for the best and wait for the day when this service will be available to us! 👍

#Krupa #Blogger


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