Har Har Mahadev🙏👏

Last week, We visited two of ‘Jyotirling'(It is a devotional object representing the god Shiva), one is Bhima Shankar and other is Traymbakam, which is in a part of Maharashtra and nearby places of Pune and Nashik respectively. I would like to share my experience.

There is a unique history behind all Jyotirlingam. I would not go into details of each and everyone but would like share a small story which is believed about jyothirlinga. According to Shiva Mahapuran, once Brahma and Vishnu had an argument over supremacy of creation. To test them, Lord Shiva pierced the three worlds as a huge endless pillar of light, known as the jyotirlinga. Vishnu and Brahma split their ways to downwards and upwards respectively to find the end of the light in either direction. But they did not find it but what Brahma did, he lied that he found out the end, while Vishnu conceded his defeat. Shiva appeared as a second pillar of light and cursed Brahma that he would have no place in ceremonies while Vishnu would be worshipped till the end of eternity.The jyotirlinga is the supreme partless reality, out of which Shiva partly appears. The jyothirlinga shrines thus are places where Shiva appeared as a fiery column of light. And this 12 jyothirlinga are considered to be very auspicious and holy.

There is sanskrit sloka known as द्वादश ज्योतिर्लिंग स्तोत्रम् (Dwadash Jyotirlingam Stotram) which means Twelve name of jyotirlinga.

सौराष्ट्रे सोमनाथं च श्रीशैले मल्लिकार्जुनम्। उज्जयिन्यां महाकालमोङ्कारममलेश्वरम्॥
परल्यां वैद्यनाथं च डाकिन्यां भीमशङ्करम्। सेतुबन्धे तु रामेशं नागेशं दारुकावने॥
वाराणस्यां तु विश्वेशं त्र्यम्बकं गौतमीतटे। हिमालये तु केदारं घुश्मेशं च शिवालये॥
एतानि ज्योतिर्लिङ्गानि सायं प्रातः पठेन्नरः। सप्तजन्मकृतं पापं स्मरणेन विनश्यति॥
एतेशां दर्शनादेव पातकं नैव तिष्ठति। कर्मक्षयो भवेत्तस्य यस्य तुष्टो महेश्वराः॥

And we visited that Bhima Shankaram and Trayambakam. The route to Bhiam shankar is kind of ghat area and is situated at the bank of Bhima river. One can surely enjoy the beauty of nature till they reach to the temple. And if you visit this place in monsoon then you will have no words. I can only say it as ‘Nature at its best’. Turning roads, greenery, waterfalls, hills, narrow roads, clouds, misty weather, and many more things…. You will just say like Wow! You will feel like if you could enjoy this beauty endless…. I would like to post some of the best clicks. The best time to visit this place is August to February.

Way to Bhima Shankar Temple…



Bhima Shankar Temple.!

The way towards Tryambkam is straight to Nashik around 25km – 30km. Here is the glimpse of Traymbkam Temple.

Trayambkeshwar Temple Entrance.

Huge pilgrims crowd! We stood ~5 hours in a queue!

Family Selfie @ temple 😉 😀

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