Feel the world!


It was a nice saturday evening and we went out and were just roaming here and there as we had not decided when we wanted to go so just thought why not to go to the top of the hill! And that made our evening more beautiful.!

It is the near by place and known as baner pashan hill and people go to this place more often. For morning YOGA also, People used to come here. Here, we can feel the nature. And best part of it, we can enjoy sun rise and sun set as well. From the hill, city looks even more beautiful😍

You can see all kind of people here like kids, youngsters and even aged people too! So many people have planted trees over here and trying to play thier role to keep the environment more healthy. They daily come to visit their plant, pour the water too. And yes, it is not neccessary that you can pour the water to your planted tree only.!

There is a kind of facility provided from where you can get the water and even containers are also available.! What more you need to do now?

Our role is not just finished by planting a tree but to keep them alive is more important part.

I would like to post some of the pics and here it is…! Have a nice day!

Save the trees! Save the environment!







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