Happy birthday to Lord krishna


What should I write about lord Krishna! The naughty kanha, very famous figure of Hinduism Dwapar yuga, known as the friend of Draupadi, Sarathi of Arjuna and love of Radha. The God is known by thousands of his name – Mohan, Madan Murari, Bal Krishna, Gopal, Hari, Ghanshyam, Narayana, Vishnu, Bal Mukund, Keshav, Kanha, Madhav, Harihar, Bake Bihari and list goes on….

Today on his birth day, I wish you all a happy janmashti. May God bless you with tons of happiness, prosperity and health.

” Nand gher aanand bhayo, jai kaniya laal ki,
Hathi ghoda palkhi, jai kaniya laal ki !”

Jay shree krishna 🙏

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