Do entrepreneurs talk to themselves when they are down ? – Read this inspiring self talk of a failed entrepreneur who is fighting depression

Defeat Mr. Depression’ and show the world how to beat it!

Suvarna Academy

If I met the Never Give Up Man,  I would volunteer to go for a walk with him (I know he loves to walk a lot) and initiate a conversation as he won’t talk on his own.

‘You are an awesome human being.’  ‘What’s wrong with you?’  You sound so bitter. Why aren’t you talking to anyone? You are not the same person you were few years ago.

‘There is so much anger inside you. I have known you as a very calm person who cared about other’s smile more than your  own. You loved every moment of the time you spent with your son. I could see the child inside you.’

‘It is okay that you let people walk all over you. Such people were meant to only make you stronger.’

‘It is your employer’s loss that they did not want a sincere, committed and a passionate employee who…

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