Manjhi: The Mountain Man


Director: Ketan Mehta

Star cast:  Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Radhika Apte

Released: August 2015

Story line:

A man, Dashrath Manjhi, who born in a poor family in the lowest cast, was living in a remote area, a small village – Gaya, in Bihar District. The story is near about the time when the country just got freedom from British rule. Yet, after 10-15 years of independence people had to struggle for the daily needs – “Roti, kapda and makan!” (Bread, clothes and shelter) And during those times, the lowest caste people were not allowed to enter into the temples, not allowed to touch any other upper cast people too! Anyways the main core part of the movie is that how the government was being deaf and dumb towards the public and their rights. And this is how a common man becomes “The Mountain Man”. He loved his wife, Phaguniya, beyond belief. One day, while climbing the mountain to bring him food, his wife slipped, fell and died because of lack of medical treatment! Overwhelmed by grief, he decided to carve out a path through the mountain, so that no one else would suffer! Over 20 years, all by himself, with just a hammer and a chisel, he hammered away at the rocks, till the path was carved out from the mountain.

My Review:
I totally enjoyed this movie and I would say after watching this movie you gonna fully charged about the goal you pursue in your life. So many incidents and injustice happened to him but still he continued his effort. I would like to share one of the incidents – when tc(Ticket Collector) kicked him off from the train as he did not have money to buy a ticket for Delhi. He went to Delhi by walk from his place! Almost 1300-1400 kilometers, He walked! And he did not get support for what he traveled so long! He came back and continued his mission and finally a route carved! Everybody appreciated him for his sacrifices and one of his reporter friend asked him to say something about his feelings for what is did and he just said: “Bhagwaan Ke Bharose Mat Baitho, Kya Pata Bhagwaan Aapke Bharoshe Baitha Ho!” (Do not wait for the things to get settled by the God, may be the God has trust on your ability! 

Here, I would not rate any stars as so many other sources are available for that stuff, rather I would suggest at least once the movie should be watched!


9 thoughts on “Manjhi: The Mountain Man

  1. Great review! I was thinking of watching this movie, but I kept thought held for so long. Now, I can’t wait to watch it! Thank you 😊

    A little advice, sorry. It would really help the non-hindi readers to understand the epic dialogue which you mentioned at the end of this post, if you translate it to english. 😊

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  2. Even i loved these lines a lot

    : “Bhagwaan Ke Bharose Mat Baitho, Kya Pata Bhagwaan Aapke Bharoshe Baitha Ho!” (Do not wait for the things to get settled by the God, may be the God has trust on your ability! 

    Great review good movie

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  3. I am not familiar with Hindi movies but I thinkthis is a good oneand thank you for sharing as I love movies where triumph happens despite adversities. Yes, indeed God really have trust on our abilities, maybe it is us who don’t have trust in God. 🙂

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