Malshej Ghat


Last weekend, We visited one more place around Pune, ‘Mashej Ghat’, about 130 Km from north Pune. It was the best experience to pass through the chain of the mountains. We began our journey around 10:30 AM and reached the place around 2 PM. And meanwhile we enjoyed bike riding, misty weather, dancing grass, the chirping of birds, wild wind, the smell of rain. Here, I am posting some of the best clicks without any filter applied. Nature at its best mood. 🙂

Clouds and mountain…

During some turnings, if you even try to see up above the sky, you feel like you are fully covered with mountains and trees.! But that was not too scary; even that seems adventurous.! 😀

Sharp Turning…

Hut of Shepherd 🙂

Bull and cow are munching 🙂

Kids are enjoying the beauty of nature!




We took a break to had something to eat. We found one canteen near a college and had so much to eat. We ate Vada pav, Pakoda, Bread and Special Masala Tea. And you know what, the best part is, We had all these things in only 50 Rs! And then we resumed our journey towards Ghat.


Water Fall….


You can feel the speed of wind through this picture 😀 😛


Try to find the Monkey 😀 😛


And the destination arrived! It took almost 4 hours to reach. This is the spot, kind of sight seen of Ghat.




Our Partner 🙂

The best time to visit this place is During rain. You may find hundreds of ‘Water Falls’ during your way to Ghat.But we were not so lucky. 😦 Well, this is how we enjoyed our day. We return from the place and during our return way to home, we visited Shivneri Fort. 😀 Which was an unplanned visit to the fort. Will be coming back with photos and the history of that fort in my next post. Share your travelling experiences with me. Would love to hear from you. Umm… Waiting for what? Click to comment box and write to me which new destination you visited? 🙂


11 thoughts on “Malshej Ghat

  1. Fun Simplicity

    Thank you for leading me to Mashej Ghat. I hardly travel, so your pictures really speak a thousand words to me. Thank you for sharing your experience and pictures. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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