Shivneri Fort – The Birth Place Of Shivaji Maharaj

History Of FortShivneri Fort, the birth place of Shivaji Maharaj! Located at Junnar, in Pune District, Maharashtra. Approx 90 km from Pune.Shivneri Fort was built under the aegis of Sahaji, the father of Shivaji, who wanted a strong fortification that could protect his family from the enemies. Shivaji spent his childhood, basic education and military training, here inside this fort only! Apart from the connection of Chhatrapati Shivaji, the fort is also known for its magnificent architecture! To make the Fort enemy proof, Sahaji ordered the construction of seven massive gates. One has to go through all the seven to gain entrance into the fort.

Visiting the fort: To Visit the entire fort, you have to cross this all seven gates and climb up almost 400 steps!(Yes, these many steps are there!) They are Hatti Darwaza, Parvangicha Darwaza, Peer Darwaza, Maha Darwaza, Phatak Darwaza, Shipai Darwaza and Kulambkat Darwaza. Maha Darwaza is the biggest one. Inside the for, Shivai temple is there. You can feel the beauty of nature from the top. Let me take you to the tour of the fort by the pictures we clicked!

The First Gate! Maha Darwaza 🙂

The steps!

The door is so heavy that one can not easily push it! And protective nails are there on the door if you can see it.

Entire fort is like in zigzag formation! 🙂

Rest bench! I think it has been placed nowadays for visitors 😛 😀 It does not seem like it was since old days 😉

This is the window to keep an eye on the enemies!

Panoramic View!

selfie at the fort 😛





In side the fort, there is a small pond also. At the top, you may hear peacock sounds. It was full of life to enjoy the beauty of nature and the best time to visit the temple is either in the early morning or in the evening. The fort is actually open from sunrise to sunset. At the top, you can enjoy the sip of tea or lemon sharbat too. 😀

So this is how to visited the fort and returned home. It was a really nice experience. While way back to home, we enjoyed the rain and because of that could not capture more clicks. 😦 But rain actually became a kind of icing on the cake for us!:) 🙂

Our all time partner! 🙂


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