Sweet Tamarind – Mouth Watering Fruit!


Today, we went outside just to get fresh and had a ‘Paan’ (Mouth Freshener). while I was standing aside the road, suddenly I found the box of ‘Sweet Tamarind’. And then I could not resist myself to have it and then we came home to grab it. 😉 Yayyyy, It tastes so yum that once you have it, you will never forget the taste of it! Actually tamarind comes in varieties from sweet to sour. Sweet tamarind is eaten as a fresh fruit and latter one is used as a souring agent in cooking for various purpose. (Do not worry, I am not going to make you bore by explaining its various uses in cooking. 😛 ) The more interesting part is, there is a tree of the sour tamarind in our flat compound itself. 🙂 And We do eat sometimes too. I love to pluck fruits by myself from the tree!

Here you can see, how crazy we were! We did not open the wrapper properly! 😛 And we ate it and finished it too. I and my mother-in-law, love this fruit. I think this was my crazy moment of  today.


Which is your crazy moment of the day? Share your moments here with me. Ummm…waiting for what? Click to comment box below! 🙂


8 thoughts on “Sweet Tamarind – Mouth Watering Fruit!

  1. Vibrant

    Aha, the thought of sour Tamarind is making my teeth shy away–I am so scared of them LOL 😀 I have not tried sweet ones.

    Thanks, Krupa.

    Love and light ❤

    Anand 🙂

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  2. Haha this reminded me of school days. We used to wait for the season and look at the trees and our mouth used to water.

    We used to pick all the tams & eat them.
    Loved your crazy moment of the day 🙂

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