Diwali vacation – Day 1

We had a great Diwali vacation. I can not even come out of those memories we all spent together. Days were running like an arrow when we all were together.  My two sister-in-laws and their family were here to enjoy Diwali holidays. On the day when they arrive, It was Monday. For the whole that week, we already decided which places we are going to visit. But for super cool place Imagica, we were not sure either we should visit it during weekends or not.
And finally we planned to visit Imagica on the next day itself i.e. on Tuesday! Happy Tuesday deal is offered every Tuesday.So we thought to grab the scheme. 😉 And next we started our journey to Imagicaaaa…eyayiyayiiiiiiya…imagica..! 😛

Moving towards Imagica….


We reached there around 10 a.m. We collected our tickets and passes. If you have extra have money then you can buy Express Passes. 😉 😛 Whole Imagica is divided into four parts like as per your interest and family members with you, you can choose your route.

  1. Family Rides
  2. Kids Rides
  3. Themed Attraction
  4. Thrill Rides

Now you all gonna have fun with along with my post. You gonna feel like you, yourself is riding with me! 🙂

  • Nitro (The scariest Roller coaster ever!)


These four crazy people ready for Nitro! 😉

Nobody was ready to enjoy that scariest Roller-coaster ride except my nephew, my husband and my elder sister-in-law! Yeah, they were so excited for that ride! They were insisting to rest of us like oh man! come on! It is not too scary, we will enjoy.! I said oh please do not tell me to see that ride too! And they finally went to that ride and when they were coming they felt like a victory they got! 😀 But still I can not dare for that ride!

  • Gold Rush
Photo courtesy – google

Next we moved to ‘Gold Rush’ again the roller coaster but I can at least ride. As it is not moving 360 degrees! 😛 After that ride, we captured memories in camera.

  • The Detective Bow Wow Show
Bow Wow Show

After this two rides, we decided to go for some shows so that senior members from family can enjoy it too. And moved towards Bow Wow  Show. Bow Wow is a bumbling and incompetent international police detective. Solves case accidently only. 😉 I would not write the whole story of that drama as if you have not been there and planning to visit it, You might not be curious for this Show! So whenever you visit it enjoy this super cool drama of Bow Wow Show!

  • Cinema 360- Prince Of The Dark Waters
Photo courtesy – google

Enjoy the virtual dive deep into the ocean on a huge screen around and above you! Will the Dark Prince ever be rid of his curse? Go to find this answer. 😀

  • I For India


Photo courtesy – google

Feel the flying experience right from your seat only! Witness the glory of an India from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, Gujarat to  Assam. The Ride takes you to the certain height and screen will move like you have sat in the helicopter and visiting this all places.

And now it is time to have a break! Lunch Break. Actually we Gujarati people used to take food with us only but some places like these where they do not allow even water bottle to carry with you! 😦 You have to get the food from inside only! The meal offered during lunch hours was not upto the mark considering the price and quantity! 😦 They offer a Gujarati thali @ RS 250 and in which you will get 2 curries, daal, rice and a single roti! I recommend you to have pizza or something else when you go there. Do not waste your money for any Gujarati, Punjabi or Chinese meal! Anyways, let’s move to the next ride as rides are closes at 7 P.M. and it is already 2 P.M. Let’s move fast. 😀 😛

  • Motion Box Theatre
Photo courtesy – google

The unique attraction, the motion simulator ride! A 4D experience you ever gonna have! a 3D film runs on screen and seats add the 4th dimension by vibrations, aromas, jerks, etc. Throughout the ride, you will only scream! Hahaha… 😛 But it was really amazing and we had it twice. 😉

  • Rajasaurus River Adventure

Dr. Roy, the mad scientist in his quest for the greatest discovery of his life, and yours too! 😛 Enjoy the riding this unnerving water boat adventure packed with sudden twists and turns. Beware of the Rajasaurus, a dinosaur, who doesn’t see you as tourists, but lunch! 😦

  • Mr. India – An animated ride
Photo courtesy – google

This ride is based on the Bollywood movie Mr.India. If you have not watched this movie then you might not understand what this ride is about.I recommend you to do not miss this ride! You gonna have totally different experience in this ride and you will surely like to enjoy this ride one more time!

Mr. India and Seema are back! And of course, Mogambo too! But this time Mogambo – “Khush nahi hua!” (A famous dialog of Mogambo in Mr.India Movie – “Mogambo Khush Hua!”) Enjoy this ride with vibrations, jerks, push along with animation on screen! Super cool ride ever I enjoyed! 😛 Feel the ‘Hawa…Hawai..’ experience. 😉 (Hawa..Hawai.. – is the supe hit song of Mr. India movie.)

  • Salimgarh


Photo courtesy – google

Salimgarh-dungeons, torture rooms and a princess trapped for eternity. Feel the ghost around you during the ride. Anytime anybody will come to your way and will say ‘Bhoovvvvv’! 😛 This was a cool ride. 🙂 Throughout the ride I did only one thing that is to scream only! 😀

  • Alibaba Aur Chalis Chorr
Photo courtesy – google

Based on the famous story that we used to listen in our childhood. Kind of mission game. Kids will surely enjoy it. Save Alibaba from thieves. During your ride you feel yourself is also a part of this video game only!

  • Tubby Takes Off
Photo courtesy – google

Last but not the least! Enjoyed this merry-go-round with a unique experience. Tubby, an elephant will help you to fly during the ride.After  few seconds, it comes down automatically. Funny ride specially for kids, but we enjoyed that too! 😉

And here we ended up! Although we have not been able to complete the whole but we covered up most of the rides. It is worth to visit Imagica considering the kind of experience they offer in India. I enjoyed a lot even though we also visited Universal Studios at Singaore. We all had super fun. While way back to home, we enjoyed a night view of a city from hills. And reached home safely. For the next day, our trip has already fixed to Mahabaleshwar-Panchgani! Stay tuned for my next Articles with two more hill stations near Pune. Till then share your experience, what you did during your Diwali vacation? How did it go? Do write me here in the comment box.




8 thoughts on “Diwali vacation – Day 1

  1. Now this is how you gotta enjoy diwali 👌👌👌👌 What a gala time you guys had 👏👏 I’m a bit jealous 😂 Those clouds looked like feathers ❤ And what a beautiful family you have ❤❤ It is hard to find a family so connected ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  2. vaibhav nanda

    we all really enjoyed all the rides along with u and wish u that all the days of your life gos like this only. we all are very happy for you and mom has given u love and dad has given blessings

    Liked by 1 person

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