Diwali Vacation – Day 2

And this was the second day of our vacation. Now we are going towards Mahabaleshwar and Panchgani. We first visited Panchgani. It is 105 Km from Pune. During our way to Panchgani, we enjoyed cool weather, the smell of grass, dancing trees, the sounds of vehicles passed by ours, zigzag turnings on roads, waterfalls, rivers, cows, ships, and list goes on…..! 😀

We visited Panchgani

and moved towards Mahabaleshwar located 20 Km from Panchgani. First we visited Harrison’s Folly. Wide lands and huge mountains; once you see it, you will say just, ‘Wow!’ And we clicked so many photos there. We jumped, we laughed, we took selfies too. 😉 Here you can see what madness was that!

We spent almost an hour over there. And we moved towards next destination. After 5-7 Km, we reached to Venna Lake. There you can also enjoy Horse riding and boating. So some of our family members decided to go for a boating and some of them decided to enjoy horse riding.

You know what was the interesting part, if you come to know the name of horses, you gonna be crazy! 😁 Horses name were like Toofan, Romeo, Chango, Tango, Lucky, Prem and rest I really forgot! 😛


Have a look at the pictures of boating and horse riding. The Government has maintained this lake very well. Charges are also reasonable for boating. They charge you like boating for half an hour, an hour. You can even enjoy boating by yourself too. Our guide was a gentleman and he also gave us some guidance regarding places to visit near Mahabaleshwar. Suggested which route to take. And this is how in gossiping half an hour was passed.! Now it is time to get off from the boat!

We walked towards the bus we parked. And headed towards next the destination. Rest all Point of attractions were nearer. We reached to Elephant’s Head Point. Randomly clicked few pics. Due to the appearance of mountain range forms, it looks like elephant’s head and hence named  Elephant’s Head Point! One can enjoy the beauty of the nature at its best. The best pictures of sunrise and sunset can be captured from here.

Then we took a break for lunch. We had the best food ‘Ghar ka khana’ with us. As we are Gujarati and for Gujju people it is said that “Wherever Gujarati people go, they keep their Dhokla and Thepla with them!” 😀 😛 Believe me if you have not tried them yet, do try it! You will like to have it again and again.:) So we opened up our tiffin, we took Thepla, Sukibhaji (Batata bhaji), Chhash(Buttermilk), Pickles, Chatney, Some dry snacks like Chevda, Gathiya, Chips etc. We took our lunch in the shades of trees and in the lap of nature. 🙂 Had rest for a while and moved towards the next destinations. Malcolm Peak, Arthur’s seat Point, Monkey Point, Echo point. We have not been able to see waterfalls as they can be seen more during rainy days. During a visit to these points, you have to walk almost 2 km as all are in a chain. But do not worry about water and all. if you are thirsty then you can have a sip of ‘Lemon Juice’ during your way from a kind of a street. You can also have popsicles, sweet corn, Chai, whatever you need! 🙂 Captured some moments and returned towards a bus.

Next we moved towards Mahabaleshwaram Temple, Panchganga Temple. Got the blessings of God and Goddess. And here the trip was about to end. We collected so many memories.

These hill stations are worth to visit. The beauty of nature makes you speechless! The Best picnic spots. The best spot for Family and Friends hangout. Relaxing and pleasant atmosphere. Would love to go again and again!

And this is how our whole day spent and we returns home. Here it is not the end of our Diwali vacation. Few more places are in a queue. Stay tuned to get my latest update. Do write me here in the comment box below, which new places you visited?




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