The Rising Sun – Gujarati Film Industry


And the Gujarati Cinema is back with their super ‘dhamaka’. Back to back three films in 2015! OMG!  And all are super hit. I tell you guys if you are familiar with Gujarati language and you have not seen these films then I would certainly say that you have missed the fun!

Now those old patterns have gone like village look, typical words of language rather they have started  to portray the city lifestyle, increased their budget, cool westerns clothes 😉 and more we can add in that.
The industry mainly focuses on youth culture. If I recall that first super hit movie according to new trend then I would certainly like to recall that first movie – Kevi rite Jais?” where a story is totally focused on how people are crazy to go to foreign countries and what all possible wrong ways they are ready to take! Worth to watch and it will certainly wet your eyes.

The next movie came that was “Bey Yaar” and shows how two friends mislead their lives to earn. Or we can say like how they chose short cut to earn and the lesson they learned has shown in a very simple way but they never left each other. And at the end friendship wins!

After then in this year three movies back to back. “Premji” – I have not watched it so can not comment on that, “Gujju The Great” – the movie is based on the Gujarati play – “Gujjubhai e Gaam Gajavyu”. Be ready to laugh till your stomach will pain. 😀 and recently released “Chhelo Divas”. Full on comedy, drama, college life, romance, fun, class bunks, flurting, break ups and patch ups, late night movie, exams, cheating, mischiefs, crazy driving, rose day, signature day, friendship day and many more! 🙂 You gonna feel that you too are the part of the movie and enjoying it. If you have spent the college life exactly the same as shown then definitely when a movie will finish, you gonna call your bestie and will become busy in recalling the memories. So in short, you should not miss these movies at any cost! The Modern Gujarati Entertainment! Enjoy the trailer – “Chhelo Divas” Chhelo Divas – Trailer

Waiting for what? Go and watch the movie. 😉


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