Same festival, A Million Different Names!

It is the Indian festival celebrated in almost all part of India. But with different regional variations like in Maharashtra, Goa, Hariyana, Bihar it celebrated as ‘Makar Sankranti’. South Indian people celebrated this festival as ‘Pongal‘ and people in Gujarat celebrated it as ‘Uttrayana’.

There are some facts with this festival which we might not aware. Sharing it with you guys as I was not aware some of the facts till this day! 😛 I was only interested to eat some of favorite foods like ‘Chhiki’,’Undhiyu’, ‘Khichada’ etc. I will introduce these all later in my same article. 😀 😛

Why this is knows as Makar Sankranti?


‘Makar Sankranti’ marks the transition of the Sun into the zodiac sign of Makara (Capricorn) on its celestial path. The day is also believed to mark the arrival of ‘spring’ in India and is a traditional event.

I read some where that from 2050, it is predicted that the festival will fall on the 15th January (and occasionally on the 16th). Let’s see if we live so long! 😉

Importance of eating ‘Til-Gud’. (‘Sesame seeds’ and ‘Jaggery’)


This festival is also celebrated by having these warm foods. People make ‘laddoos’ of sesame and jaggery and they exchanged it by saying this line – ‘Tilgul ghya god god bola’. it simply means that ‘eat sweet, speak sweet’. This has scientific benefit also as these are warm food and the festival falls in winter it helps to protect in cold.

Importance of flying kited on this day.


Generally kite flying is done in the early hours of the morning, when the sun’s rays are bright. The early morning sun is considered beneficial for the skin and body. Since winter is also the time of a lot of infections and sickness, by basking in the sun, Hindus believed that the bad bacteria on their bodies would be cleared to a certain extent. Creating a fun way of sun basking!

End of the inauspicious days!

Bhishma Pitamah on his death bed!

Yes, read it correct! It is said that from 15th December to 13th January, these days are considered as ‘inauspicious’ days. People avoid to have any religious functions. It is also believed that you if you die during this day, you directly go to Heaven. you will not reborn! It is strange but true.

During Mahabharta time, ‘Bhishma Pitamah'(A charterer from Mahabharta) waited for his death till 58 days thought he was on the bed of arrows piercing him! As the sun was in ‘Dakshinaya‘(Southern), it was not the best time to leave in these days so he waited for ‘Uttarayana‘(Northern) and he has the blessings that death would be fall only when he desired it!

So these are some of the facts which I was not logically aware! 😛 I really miss my family today. They are busy in flying kites and here I am in my office! And I am sure, All had ‘Undhiyu’ in lunch today.(This is Gujarati dish name. All vegetables are mixed and curry is made.) And for sure, at night they will have ‘Khichada’.(It is again an Gujarati dish made out of mixed whole grains like wheat, rice, juwar, etc). Happy Uttrayana to all my family and friends! Wish I could be there to enjoy! Have fun guys! 🙂





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