25 years of togetherness!

Writing after many days and I know this is quite late to post. 😦 This post is neither about any new places explored nor any anything new I learnt. It is about Marriage Anniversary! Writing this very first anniversary post for my Uncle and Aunt. And this was the 25th marriage anniversary. We had a grand celebration for that but unfortunately, I and my husband were not able to join the function. 😦 But thank God that we have 3G era! WhatsApp made the life easier! 🙂 So let’s enjoy the Photos and I will tell you each ceremony celebrated like Mehndi, Rasa Garba, Games like Awards. Let me tell in detail about the game part. We are a family of 60+ people! 😀 (Yes, a huge number it is but true. 🙂 All get together for each small and big occasions and festival.) So there were different categories for nominations like the most fat guy of the family, the most naughty kid, the most cute kid, the most shopaholic person and more other different categories! 😛 😀

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I would like to say to Uncle and Aunt –

A family get-together, a grand party, a massive celebration; for your anniversary! Even this is not enough, we want something bigger! 😉 After all, this is your anniversary! May This year be a pure silver for you as this is the 25th Anniversary! 🙂

Wish you the happiest 25th anniversary to dear Nitin Kaka and Meena Kaki.

This day is such a special day that will always live in our memory. Wish we could be the part of this big day! But when our hearts are so connected, nothing matters more! Congratulations on your Silver Wedding Anniversary. We wish you many more anniversaries filled with good health & happiness.

“Half of fifty years
Almost double of fifteen
You marriage is the happiest
I have ever seen
But who needs numbers
When you have so much happiness
Who needs to count
When the journey is so timeless! “


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