Never be a workaholic..

Be an entrepreneur..!

Words and Notion

When I joined the IT industry, had so many butterfly dreams as many others.. .

Getting a word of appreciation, being motivated, showing a mark of uniqueness etc , etc.. the list goes on.

My dreams were built upon my motto. And no doubt, that I was pretty happy even under my tight schedule and work pressure. But later on, experiences proved that my motto was not adequate in a professional world. It lacked a BUSINESS EYE.

Let me share a few lessons which I experienced.  I am quite sure that whatever may be the profession, a business eye is the most essential thing required.

  1. Give and Take policy : When you offer ‘x’ to someone today, ensure that you get 2X tomorrow
  2. Never allow others to take your shoe until you get a better one.
  3. Understand that Managers are always “Managers”. Every manager will have a business eye upon your talents…

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