Day 1 : 3 Day Quote Challenge

When you check your phone and you see the comment that you have been nominated for something! And I was reading that comment with silent big smile! 🙂 Well, This is the first time that I have been nominated for something here on the wordpress blog. My challenge is 3 Day Quote Challenge. 


  1. Thanks the person who nominated you
  2. 3 quotes in a day, or all 3 quotes on same day
  3. 3 nominees each day, not repetitive and Inform the nominees

Starting with Rule no.1. Thanks you so much Jhalli for this nomination. If you have not nominated me for this might have missed the chance of being the part of this wonderful challenge! Once again thanks a ton!

Now, my awesome quotes for the day.

  1. Never regret anything that has happened in your life. It cannot be changed, undone or forgotten so take it as a life lesson and move on.
  2. Fall seven times, stand up eight.
  3. Don’t make permanent decision with temporary feelings.

And here are my nominations.

  1. hasmeetwrites
  2. Secret Smiles
  3. Samia J. Hassan

Happy quote challenge! Happy reading! 🙂


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