Thing to carry during Camping

It is always better that you carry all the necessary things with you during camping. Here is the list. Though it may differ as per your Geo location and camping site facility.

  1. Tent (If not provided by camping site)
  2. Sleeping Bag
  3. Blankets (as per weather)
  4. Lantern or Flash light
  5. Match box and lighter
  6. Power bank to charge your devices
  7. Map
  8. Slippers
  9. Alternate wears
  10. swimming costume
  11. First Aid Box
  12. Mosquito repellent
  13. Pocket knife
  14. sweater
  15. Hat
  16. Rope
  17. Food
  18. Water bottles
  19. Plastic garbage bags
  20. Brush and Tooth paste
  21. Body lotion
  22. Face wash
  23. Comb
  24. Deodorant
  25. Tissues

Please feel free to suggest if any other things are required to be added in the above list.  🙂


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