Part II – A night under the stars….!

And here we go..! The road till Khopoli was good and we covered almost 80 km distance in 2 hours with one halt. But then next 60-70 km was quite tough! The route is bumpy that it took almost 3 hours to reach at the destination! Sorry this time I had not taken photos during the way, I just enjoyed the whole way! 🙂

We reached around 1 o’clock at Revdanada and were on the way to campsite though checkin time was 4:00 p.m. So our plan was to just visit campsite first then we were going to have lunch somewhere at near by place and then we wanted to visit the korlai fort. But life always surprises you! And same thing happened! We got a call from camp site organizer regarding our confirmation and then we came to know that we will be only the four person on camp site! Initially we were confused about what to do! As the beauty of the sea and mountain will be eye catching only during the sun light! 😀 As the sun passes the real beauty of all these natural seems horrible in the absence of light. 😀 😛 But my husband was quite confident. He said we will stay and enjoy this too! According to him we are not tourist, we are traveller! 🙂 This might make you to search the difference between tourist and traveller! 😉 So plan changed from here! We went nearby revdanda beach, had lunch and roamed here and there! And finally it was 4:00 p.m. As we were not able to find the exact location, campsite organizer sent one guy to pick us up!

We passed totally muddy and pebbly road where exactly one hatchback car can pass. One can reach by walk faster than us! 😀 Anyways after all these hiccups we reached at the destination! The first word was from our mouth was WOW! See the below pics and you guys will also say wow! 😛



And my man took his camera and started So here are more photos!

We had evening snacks and tea/coffee and went to beach. But the sea water was not at the shore. So we postponed it to next day morning and the played with ball and enjoyed there! Here are some glimpse of it.


Then we came to tents and got our luggage from car and got settle! It was already 6 o’clock. We were listening old songs and this one was the perfect one ( except the Moon as it was Amavasya! :D)

देखो मौसम, क्या बहार है
सारा आलम, बेकरार है
ऐसे में क्यों हम, दीवाने हो जाये ना
छलकी छलकी, चाँदनी भी है
हल्की हल्की, बेखुदी भी है
ऐसे में क्यों हम, यहीं पर खो जाये ना

ठंडी ठंडी रेत में जलवों की बरसात है
क्या मस्ताना है समा क्या मतवाली रात है
सपने बिखरे मोड़ मोड़ पे
ताके नैना जोड़ जोड़ के
ऐसे में क्यों हम, दीवाने हो जाये ना

गाती सी हर सांस में बजती सी शहनाईयाँ
साया दिल पे डालती तारों की परछाईयाँ
झाँके चंदा आसमान से
छेड़े हमको जान जान के
ऐसे में क्यों हम यहीं पर खो जाये ना

दरिया की हर मौज में अरमानों का ज़ोर है
दिलवालों के गीत का हल्का हल्का शोर है
लहरें डोलें झूम झूम के
साहिल का मुँह चूम चूम के
ऐसे में क्यों हम, दीवाने हो जाये ना

And by the time was BBQ time. We made it by ourselves and had it!


After 1 hour we had dinner. And now it is time to capture some pics. How one can miss to capture the shots of stars when one is under the open sky! My husband set up his camera for Star trail and light trial! Actually the milky way was exactly above place where we were but cause of Diwali the sky was dusty and he could not captured it properly. There are some mobile apps available through which you can identify where milky way is exactly! Check this out some pics he tried in dusty sky.

I took sparkles (Phooljari) with me and here are the best shots of light trail.

So this how we spent our whole day with different activities. It was very peaceful and in this pin drop silence we could clearly hear the sound of waves. It was tide time so we can see the waves even from tents. 😛 Think how it was horrible when you feel that you are only guys but suddenly all fear went and we slept peacefully. And this was the night under the stars! The sound of waves, the sound of air, tree leaves.. all these natural elements were playing music in sync! And when you wake up next day with chirping of birds it feels so blissful!

So this is how the we celebrated an adventurous Diwali and welcomed the new year! 🙂 next morning we went to beach also. Enjoyed hammocks again! Enjoyed sunrise! Witness crows discussing something ! 😛 Check these below pics!


Birds are greeting to each other! Happy New Year! 🙂

And we checkout from the campsite! Visited Karla caves while way back to home!

Share your Diwali moments! how you celebrated and enjoyed it! Mine was the best Diwali. How was yours?? Wish you all a very happy new year! 🙂

Stay tuned for my next post where I am going to share pros and cons during camping. How one should choose the camp site location, what is the idle time visit the camp site etc. Hope this would be helpful for those who has not camped yet!



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