7th month pregnancy update

Last month was so hectic and I couldn’t get enough time to post my weekly updates. Though there weren’t noticeable changes that I could even document regarding pregnancy updates. Still I have so many things to share why the whole month was so hectic and busy. I am going to write some highlights of the past month.

Keep reading this post if you’re really free! Feel free to leave anywhere when you loose your interest. 😛

Highlight number – 1

We were at pune till I was half way my 7th month. We planned to come native for Baby shower and delivery. So the whole plan was to reach at native by 5th January. But as usual the things didn’t work the way we want! 😔

  • We had to cancel the tickets cause of riots happened in Maharashtra.
  • We waited for 3 days to settle the things back to normal.
  • We again booked tickets in another train but that was not confirmed till day we wanted to leave.
  • We again cancelled the tickets and booked in tatkal. And we left for native.
  • We safely and happily reached at native the next day morning.

Highlight number – 2

  • My in laws had already planned to welcome me and baby boo.
  • They came to our home with so many foods I love. 🙂
  • They had already planned so many things for get together and we spent some quality time after almost 5-6 months. 

Highlight number – 3

  • Now it is time to visit the doctor where we want to deliver the baby boo.
  • We booked appointment and went to the hospital very next day. All went well and we were relaxed then.
  • Dr. asked for some routine check-up and we planned to do that after few days as that weren’t urgent.
  • Weight graph also increased which was the happiest thing for me. 😀

Highlight number – 4

  • And here the time came to start preparing for baby shower ceremony.
  • We were supposed to call so many people for the ceremony.
  • We had only 8 days and everything was pending like catering, decorations, mehndi, Sangeet, gifts, photographer, brahmin (the person who will guide us foe the worship), lists of things we would need during ceremony, cake, invitation card and so on….
  • But we are huge family. We all divided the task and finalized the things along with deadline to finish it on time. And the team work won! 🙂

Highlight number – 5 

  • And everything was setup and the day finally come to celebrate this ceremony with all near and dear friends and family.
  • We arranged 3 daya ceremony but generally it used to be for a single day only. 
  • On first day – there was a mehndi ( Women used to apply henna )
  • On second day – cake cutting and DJ as my family members are crazy to dance. We all wanted enjoy a lot.
  • On third day – Bay shower

In my next post, I will be sharing how this ceremony was celebrated. To know more about it, stay tuned to my blog. I will be sharing that along with photos. 

Is there anyone around who is also expecting and had a baby shower ceremony or going to have it soon? Do share your experience with me. Please write below the comment box. 

Happy blogging!

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