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I am writing or posting something after almost a year or so. And believe me, these days were so busy that I could not spend much time to share my motherhood journey which I promised. But nevertheless, Here I am back with full of energy.

Working Mom πŸ™‚

So you guys might be thinking that what am I going to write? I mean gratitude for whom? For my family, friends or for someone else? This is a special post. And I am dedicating this post for my organization I am working at.

For those who might not be aware of me, let me give a quick update. I am a mom to a cute little baby boy who is going to turn 1 very next week. As usual, people around the corner were pretty sure that now I will not be able to resume the work since I have a baby to look after. But We proved them wrong! Why I use We instead of I is because I was not alone to make this difference or cross over the boundaries the society has made for Mom. It was my family who has always appreciated whatever I want to pursue in my life. And they are my In-laws! I would not have achieved where I stand today without their support. They are my backbone. πŸ™‚

So, not stretching too much on this topic as it is a completely different thing and coming to the point. I resumed my work when the baby was just 4 months 4 days old. That time, I was a bit worried that how would I be able to manage the work and family both? I was resuming the work almost after 6 months so I was a bit nervous too. It is really difficult to manage everything once you become a mother. Priorities get changed. It is a demanding job where you don’t want to compromise anything for your baby.

But as I told you, I have a great support system with me. My In-laws are very co-operative. They look after my baby while I am working. And the best part is – I am working from home. So I can play with my baby, can see him growing, can hug him whenever I want and the best thing is that I can feed him whenever he is hungry!

You all know the highly used term being used nowadays – Work-life balance I am working in such a company where employee’s work life balance is kept on priority. The health of the person is given more importance. This is not just for saying but they do stand with it. I joined this company in 2015, I was told: “Welcome to rtFamily!” I was surprised hearing this word family because this word was not used where I had worked previously! This word has magic in it. Nowadays, this word is used too casually at many organizations but that was not the case with my current organization. Hearing this word, you get the family like feeling and it is indeed!

The life was going to be super duper cool! I resumed the work, the baby was also cooperating, I also settled down in 1 week. Who loves to work after 6 months long vacation? πŸ˜‰ One and a half month passed after I resumed my work and suddenly, one by one we caught the viral infection. Every morning one person woke up with a high fever! The situation became like who should look after whom? 😦 And in all this chaos, our younger one also got the viral fever. My Mother-in-law was admitted for 3 days in the hospital. The baby was also about to be admitted but luckily he got recovered very fast.

I was worried about my family and I needed to take some break around 15-20 days and I was thinking like will I get these many days approval or not! I spoke to the concerned person at the office and what was the response, ” Krupa, do not worry about the work. First, look after the family and be fit and fine. We are there for you and please let us know if we can do anything for you. We are ready to help you out in any way we can. And also do not worry about resuming the work. Take a break and take care of family and once they are back to normal you can resume.” I was so overwhelmed with their response.

So, I again resumed the work almost ~ 16-17 days later. But the drama was not ending here. We faced a few more difficulties and I had to take leaves back to back in all months consecutively. They have been so nice to me all the time and never had doubt or trust issues for my leaves. Taking leaves or a gap once in a while might not be a big deal but when you face such kind of multiple instances within a short span of time, you would have to leave your job if the organization is not able to support the gap you require. That is why I am thankful to my organization that allowed me to take the required break to address unforeseen circumstances without letting me worry about the impact it would cause on the project delivery.

Today is the birthday of my company and we are celebrating the whole week as birthday week. I always wanted to say thank you to the rtFamily but I feel that today is the best day for it.

I am really very much thankful to my company who believes the work-life balance should be there, who take care of their employees as the member of the family, who always understands the challenges of a working woman and mom.

You guys must be thinking where the hell am I working where I get to work remotely and that also in India! So here you go. I am working at rtCamp. I am working here since 2015 and there are people who are working for 10 years! So you can imagine what value the organization is adding to the individual’s life! I am really feeling grateful for working with this organization. There are few Indian based organization who embrace remote work culture. I hope that other organizations also start embracing the remote culture. Trust plays an important role in remote culture and employees also has to follow proper remote work ethics but that is a separate topic altogether which I will write on some other day πŸ™‚

There are many organizations offering many perks to the employees which is fine but such kind of organizations which stands by its employees in tough time and supports in all possible manners is really appreciable.

So winding up the story here about my work-life balance. Do share your experience of how you are managing the work-life balance and who all are your support systems πŸ™‚

10 thoughts on “I’M GRATEFUL

  1. Manisha Tanna

    Ya it’s really difficult to do the job without child and with child, experience recently so I truly agree with you.. as the priorities change .. difficulties will come your way.. manage it properly and u will win… well done krupa.. good organisation. .

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