And the new journey begin! 🤰

So here I come with a new and different post. I was almost inactive during this year. I might have disappointed many of my readers and followers 😦 But here is my come back with new energy and new thoughts 🙂 I am so happy to let you know that I am expecting. I wanted …

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Book Review – Who Moved My Cheese?

Accept the change!

Krupa Nanda

Who moved my cheese?
Spencer Johnson


This book is motivational and inspiration related. The author has described the main thing about the change we are facing day to day life. After reading this book, you would be able to accept the fact of change and will try to see positivity in all aspect of life corner. May you would be able to see the same situation in different angle and may be your point of view can changed. Over a time if one cannot accept the change then he would not be able to match himself with an outer world.

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Belief triggers the power to do!

I was going through some random articles and found one inspirational story. Many of us might have heard this before but couldn't resist myself to share! Here you go.... As a man was passing by the elephants, he suddenly stopped, confused by the fact that these huge creatures were being held by only a small …

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Part II – A night under the stars….!

And here we go..! The road till Khopoli was good and we covered almost 80 km distance in 2 hours with one halt. But then next 60-70 km was quite tough! The route is bumpy that it took almost 3 hours to reach at the destination! Sorry this time I had not taken photos during the …

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Part I – A night under the stars….!

Hmmmm..! So writing after many many days but coming with one more new place! So four days back it was Diwali holidays but we had only two days so we planned to visit the near by place where we can stay for one night and can return within next day only so that we can …

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