I am writing or posting something after almost a year or so. And believe me, these days were so busy that I could not spend much time to share my motherhood journey which I promised. But nevertheless, Here I am back with full of energy. So you guys might be thinking that what am I going to write? I mean gratitude for whom? For my family, friends or for someone else? This is a special post. And I am dedicating this post for my organization I am working at.

8th month pregnancy update

I just completed 8th month of the pregnancy. There are some noticeable changes to share. Mumma's Medical check ups HB Test - Done. Sugar Test - Done. Weight Gain - Proper. Placenta Previa - Gone. Baby's position - Baby boo is already Head down position. Mumma’s Health Changes Burning throat. Feeling hungry and thirsty all …

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Baby Shower Ceremony

Finally the day came, the big day for any mom-to-be! I would like to share my baby shower ceremony with my readers. Let's go to the tour of pictures along with the significance of each tradition is being followed. If you haven't read my previous post, please click here about what was going there so that …

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7th month pregnancy update

Last month was so hectic and I couldn't get enough time to post my weekly updates. Though there weren't noticeable changes that I could even document regarding pregnancy updates. Still I have so many things to share why the whole month was so hectic and busy. I am going to write some highlights of the …

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My diet routine 🥗

So I promised to share my diet routine few days back but couldn't share it cause of busy daya in between. And here, I am with my full day diet plan. It's good if you can divide the meals to small gaps rather than having it all at once. I prefer to take something at …

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